Launching A Website For Less: Top Tips That Actually Work!

Like many prospective website owners, probably you don’t have the budget to hire the best web design company for your project. There are projects for which hiring a developer is almost a necessity, because these websites require specific functionalities and customized features & themes. If you need a basic website, such as a small business site or a personal blog, you don’t need to spend a fortune, and in this post, we are discussing what it takes to launch a website for a lot less money. In short, here are some of the best ways to save on a new website.

Go for WordPress

Talking of Content Management Systems, there are quite a few choices, such as Drupal and Joomla, but nothing really beats WordPress when it comes to reliability and usability. If you are wondering how to make a free website, WordPress is your go-to platform. WordPress offers a simple platform to manage and launch your website, and you will be guided at every step. In case there is an issue for which you need help, there’s a thriving community that’s always around.

Go for shared hosting

You may have heard some really great articles as why dedicated hosting is the best form of hosting there is, but for basic websites, shared hosting works adequately well. Shared hosting, as the name suggests, refers to a plan, where you will be sharing the server with other websites, and it may have some impact on the performance of your website, depending on the kind of load that other websites exert on the server. That said, all known web host services, including BlueHost and HostGator, have really reliable plans in shared hosting. You can save huge, and these plans are flexible, so in case you have to consider dedicated hosting at some point, it’s rather easy to make the move.

Go for free plug-ins

After you create a basic website with WordPress, you may need additional functionalities, and for that, plug-ins can be handy. WordPress has a large collection of plug-ins and features, most of which are available for free or at a low cost. Plug-ins allow you to automate and keep a tab on many aspects, including SEO and social media. Plug-ins are super easy to use, and the only job is to ensure that these are updated.

Avoid opting for cheap hosting, if you want to ensure user experience in the long run.

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