What is a Humanist Funeral?

The number of people in the UK that do not follow a religion is growing and this has led to many requesting a humanist service, which is a celebration of their life and a dignified send off. Most funeral directors offer customised services with a humanist format and the funeral director assists the grieving family to arrange a suitable service.

Choice of Music and Readings

If you have penned a tribute to your loved one, this can be read out during the service and if the deceased had a music favourite, it would be most fitting to pay a compilation of their favourite songs. If you have a suitable poem in mind, this can be concorporated into the service, as can a few words from family and close friends.

Service Location

Some families prefer to hold the service at the crematorium, while others choose a home service, which is a way of keeping costs down. Arranging a humanist funeral in Brixham with a leading local funeral director is something Google can help you with and they have a chapel that is ideal for a humanist service. This would be a cheaper alternative to the local crematorium, plus there are no time constraints when you book the service chapel.

Tailored to Suit

An experienced funeral director is ready to assist in any way possible and that includes helping the family to design the perfect humanist service. The funeral director has a wealth of experience and can help you choose suitable music and readings, while other aspects of the service can be agreed at the same time.

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