Playtime – Family Entertainment and Leisure Hub: Free Activities, Art & Craft for Kids

With the summer holidays just around the corner, many parents will be looking for ways to keep their children entertained.

We are so excited to introduce you to a family entertainment and leisure hub that is open for free activities, art, and craft for kids. Whether you’re looking for some fun activities on the weekend or want to do something special with your child on their birthday, they have it all!

From live music performances to arts and crafts workshops, the free activities in singapore will make sure your children are having an amazing time.

The holiday is the time to celebrate and enjoy with family. It allows us to take a break from our hectic routine, spend some quality time together, explore new things, or revisit old memories, which we often neglect during a busy schedule and other commitments.

– Explore the world of art and craft for free with your kids.

– Visit a nearby park or nature trail to let them interact with animals, plants, flowers in the natural environment. Take some time off from work and enjoy family picnics at these parks & trails.

– Explore museums that offer fun-filled activities for children through storytelling sessions, puppet shows, science experiments, and art activities for kids.

– What about visiting a local library to borrow books on various genres such as adventure stories, encyclopedias, fiction, etc.? They also host puppet show sessions at times.

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