Most Amazing Advancements in Medicine 2022

Have you ever been sick and stuck in hospital? If so, you will understand that staying in hospital can really send you on an emotional rollercoaster. From feeling hard done by to appreciating all the small things, a hospital stay can change how you look at things. Thankfully, going to a hospital is not what it used to be in the past. Picture it, a medieval bird doctor looks at you and is deciding which treatment to administer. It would be scary. Now, medical treatments have advanced to a place where we expect the best of care. These advancements are incredible and this article will list a few noteworthy examples.

The Brain

There is no better place to start than the most enigmatic organ of the body: the brain. The brain is so complex that it cannot understand itself. There is still a long way to go in discovering the depths of the human psyche. This being said, medicine has come a long way, so too has technology. When medicine and technology combine, some pretty amazing things happen. The advancements that we have witnessed in Brain MRI scanning, neuro surgery and the ability to track the brain’s activity, have all added to how we view and treat the brain. The understanding of this organ is improving but requires further growth. The increase in knowledge and attention to mental illness has been life-changing for so many people. This is a niche area of the brain but has serious benefits to be gained.

Blood Sampling

Today, we can get tested for just about anything. We have grown well-accustomed to this luxury. Imagine if it was not the case. How different would life be? The ability to test blood and gain insights as to its’ makeup was a serious development. It has allowed for health officials to quickly locate any issues or deficiencies with your blood. Not only this, but blood sampling can be used to track and test for viruses. This has been particularly useful in the new market of at-home STI test kits.

These two developments have been among the most influential of advancements to have graced the medical world. The list genuinely could go on, and on, and on. There would be no end! Modern medicine has been of such great use; however, it has its downsides. Rising cases such as the Opioid Crisis in America show how fragile medicine is. It needs to always be carried out by a trained official.

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