Keeping Your HVAC System In Excellent Working Order

When your business premises use an HVAC system, you must ensure that you look after it well to keep it in excellent working condition. There are many things you can do to help with this, and regular maintenance is key. Below are some things you will need to do to ensure that your HVAC system is fully functional and does the job it is supposed to do.

Change Your Filters Regularly

You will need to ensure that you change the AHU filter regularly to keep it working as it is supposed to, and you need to check them for dust and debris as often as once a week. The filters can last for a couple of months, or they may need replacing monthly, depending on the environment and air quality.

Check The Outdoor Units

You will also need to regularly check the outdoor units and ensure no debris is clogging them and reducing the amount of air that gets into the system. Make sure they do not get blocked by debris such as leaves and twigs, and ensure they are not blocked by anything such as plants or bushes so they can draw in plenty of air.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

You must also regularly clean your workplace and try and reduce the amount of dust in it, which will also benefit your HVAC system. Having a regular cleaning routine can help prolong the life of your filters and make for a safer working environment.

Clean The Condenser & Evaporator Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils in your HVAC system will also need cleaning. It is a task that you will need to do around once a year, and you can also time this when you are doing regular maintenance on the unit. Keeping your coils clean will help the system work more efficiently and help reduce your power consumption.

Schedule Sim Monthly Maintenance Checks

You should have a professional company come to service and clean your HVAC system twice a year to keep it fully functional and in excellent condition. It is best to schedule this work at the start of Autumn and Spring when you see the biggest seasonal changes in the weather.

Along with doing regular checks and maintenance of your system, you will also need to look out for any strange sounds or odours coming from your unit. These can signify a problem, and you will want to call a reputable company to come and check things for you as soon as you notice something unusual.

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