Is Tennis Elbow Covered In Workers’ Compensation?

You might have come across lateral epicondylitis, aka tennis elbow; it is one of the common types of work-related injuries. Most tennis players have suffered from this disease, which does not generally occur from one incident. Tennis elbow occurs from degeneration of the tendons in the elbow area due to overuse. Many jobs leave employees vulnerable to this disease. To know more about the compensation for this disease, contact Snow, Carpio and Weekley, PLC

Is tennis elbow covered in workers’ compensation?

Sufferers of tennis elbow experience weakness or pain in their outer elbow. Rather than inflammation that causes this disease, the problem is due to weak tendons that have been overused. This is why the tennis elbow is known as repetitive motion injury or stress. Repetitive moments like lifting or moving heavy items, curling motion of the arm, or even pushing the arm from side to side can lead to the development of a tennis elbow. 

Various occupations are related to this condition, including dentists, construction workers, mechanics, butchers, painters, and even musicians. Symptoms of this disease include pain in the elbow, aches along the forearm, or a burning sensation in the arm. Some people complain about weak grip on items like a cup of coffee. 

Yes, tennis elbow is covered under workers’ compensation. Most of the time, the repetitive motions related to the individual’s job are the risk factors for developing tennis elbow. But the condition is treatable. Physical therapy, like strength training and stretches, may be required. Sometimes, the individual may require surgery or even need to wear a brace.

Many workers stress loss of income while recovering from tennis elbow. It may take weeks to recover, if not longer, in a few cases. 

Treating tennis elbow

There is no such treatment to cure tennis elbow. With a proper exercise regimen and rest, tennis elbow will get better on its own. Approximately 80 to 90% of every case of tennis elbow improves. However, the person suffering from it should treat the condition effectively. 

It is essential to avoid specific movements while suffering from tennis elbow, like, carrying objects, fully extending the arm, repeatedly grasping objects, using one hand to lift heavy objects, etc.

Apart from avoiding such movements, it is also important to let the forearm muscles to rest. Ice compression cna help decrease the swelling of the affected tendon. For many workers suffering from tennis elbow, taking time off to rest is not an option. 

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