Helping To Cut Costs On Your Farm To Make It More Profitable

Many industries are currently struggling, but farmers are hit worse than many others, with the cost of fuel increases and fertiliser scarcity due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has meant that many farmers are struggling and need to tighten their belts to survive. However, there may be things you can do that can help reduce your costs that are worth investigating and can help your farm prosper. Below are some ways you may be able to save some money on the cost of running your farm to help you make ends meet.

Look At Your Current Suppliers

It is worth looking at all the materials your farm uses and seeing if you can save money on their costs by shopping around. Comparing things such as silage wrap suppliers can help you make significant savings, and you will want to do this for everything you purchase for your farm. Look for suppliers of quality materials and see which ones have the most competitive prices, and order via telephone and see if you can get an additional discount from them. If you do not ask, you do not get it, so it does not harm to ask and see if you can enjoy extra savings.

Get Your Animals Working For You

You can also get your livestock to help you with the running of your farm, which can not only save you money but also your time. When you have patches of grass with weeds that need trimming, tether some goats to cut it back for you, and if you need to till the soil, get some hogs or chickens to turn it over for you. You can also get your hogs to help you plant seeds, and you want to wait for the ground to be wet, spread the seeds, and then let the hogs work them into the ground for you, saving you time and money.

Use 100% Organic Fertiliser

When you keep livestock on our farm, they will create plenty of waste, and you can use the faeces as an organic fertiliser to help you grow plants and crops. You will need to start collecting all the animal droppings from the different ones you keep and use them to keep your soil fertile and help increase the yield of your crops. Doing this will help reduce the expenses for your farm and ensure that you can still farm productively and earn a living for yourself and your family.

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